Travis Scott: A Tragedy and Lack of Tact

Astroworld, a music concert featuring Travis Scott, started as a festive event and ended in fatality. Crowds of Scott’s fans forced their way into an already crowded venue, pushing audience members up against barriers where they suffocated and trampled others. Prior to the show, Scott had released a tweet encouraging fans without tickets to “sneak” into the stadium regardless. This tweet has since been taken down, but it begs the question of whether it played a part in inspiring the incident. Historically, it would seem that the impact of an individual tweet is less than the culture of his fans as a whole. After Astroworld, stories began coming out about other concerts that Travis Scott had played at wherein fans had exhibited similar aggressive behavior; storming venues and pushing people out of their way. These actions had been referenced as “raging,” which has been seen through previous social media postings and advertisements to be encouraged by Scott. In fact, Astroworld was not the first time that Scott has been brought under fire for encouraging aggression; he has been charged twice before for inciting violence at his concerts.

Despite this past history, in his response to the incident he establishes his feelings of shock that his fans would ever be part of such a morbid situation, and that “raging” would ever lead to this severe of consequences. His “apology” video has sparked further disdain and outrage, even mockery, in the days since. There was no genuine apology or accountability, the main content of the video consisted of head rubbing and statements of disbelief. 

The lack of accountability for deaths that he was so clearly at least partially accountable for is nothing short of unethical. Attempting to distract from his responsibility for the situation and the performed ignorance is deception employed to evade consequences. This lack of transparency and self-preservation is an act of egoism and causes harm to all that attended the event, those who died, and their families. The lack of care and empathy for others is astounding. 

When a 9-year-old dies, the focus should be on reparations and future prevention, not maintaining one’s own reputation and peace of mind. 

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