Why COVID-19 Vaccinations aren’t advertised on TV

The public has questioned the COVID-19 vaccine since its introduction in December 2020. Its presence in advertising on television has been limited to general ads promoting vaccination in general. This is because until August of 2021, none of the vaccines had been officially FDA approved. The FDA prohibits the advertisement of drugs that haven’t been approved entirely by them. Pfizer simply has not shared plans to promote their vaccine yet.

An Instagram user posted about the lack of TV ads claiming that it is because companies don’t want to list all of the side effects of the drug. Tom Kertscher of Politifact discussed the false rating of this speculation in an article in the Tampa Bay Times. It is not because the advertising companies don’t want to list the side effects, it is because they haven’t had full FDA approval long enough to create advertisements.

Pfizer has been approved to advertise their vaccine, now marketed under the name Comirnaty, on television. However, they have yet to market the vaccine and stated they will take “a thoughtful approach to marketing and advertising.” This reveals their willingness to create ads and their intent to follow ethical and FDA guidelines in the process.

In order to adhere by all FDA guidelines, television advertisements for COVID-19 vaccines have yet to appear. Overall, there will likely be a Pfizer advertisement coming soon based on the company’s intent statement. Moderna still needs FDA approval, but if it is approved soon, COVID-19 vaccine commercials are sure to rise within the next year.

FDA rules have blocked COVID-19 vaccine makers from advertising on TV (tampabay.com)

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